Painting With Neon

Painting With Neon
Neon, Glass, Wood
16" high, 30" diameter

A 30" diameter glass was sandblasted and is supported by four pine wooden legs attached to an oak plyboard. Eight sections of curved neon sit on clear plastic risers that are attached to the board.

Each color - red, blue, yellow, green - appears in two separate places. Four of the sections are powered by one transformer and remain on all the time. The other set of four is controlled by another transformer as well as an animator which produces alternating flashing lights. This creates additional colors similar to mixing paints. For example, the red and yellow produce an orange glow, and the blue and red produce a purple shade.

Unlike paints, a more dramatic effect is created when one set of four neon tubes is left flashing while the other tubes are shut off. Since this piece is made of lights, the flashing effect is somewhat muted when both sets are going.

Views from the top


Views from the side