These two new pieces by
will be displayed at the
2005 Faculty Exhibition
of the
Evanston Art Center
July 24 - August 28

... just  being  herself ...


... just being herself ...
13" x 13" x 20.5"

This is the eternal Earth Mother - centered, peaceful, nurturing, in touch with being Feminine. She is Woman, content with her surroundings and aware of how she is connected to her Earth, especially when in her Moon.

Note: The head depicted on the front of this sculpture (between her neck and breasts) is taken from Kathy's painting Sacred Space which was shown earlier in this gallery. The text with that image is also appropriate to this piece.

Burnt.  See Enna?

Burnt.  See Enna?
Welded Steel
19" x 13" x 9.5"

Besides the 1/8" steel rods, the lacy mesh was made by burning a piece of 16-gauge steel with a cutting torch, which was tack-welded onto the main frame.

2005, Kathy Cunningham
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