Native  American  Visions
(Note: The diverse lineage of artist Kathy Cunningham includes
two Native American tribes - Cherokee and Comanche)

Announcing  the  Harvest

Hemis Kachina (left) brings mature corn to the People indicating that the crop is assured. He also appears in the "home going" ceremony, when these Messengers of the Great Spirit leave for 6 months. Cloud Kachina (right) represents the beauty of the clouds in the sky and the monumental importance of rain, which provides moisture for the crops in the arid Southwest.

Sacred  Space

When a woman is in her cycle - her moon - she is most powerful and creative. This sacred time provides a strong connection with the earth, and is so powerful that it negates the energy of a man, which is connected to the sky. In Native American cultures, a woman is banned from attending a powwow during her moon because her presence renders the men totally ineffective.

Note: This image is depicted again in Kathy's sculpture ...just being herself... which appears later in this gallery.


Being inspired by the idea of utilizing the number 4, the elements - earth, fire, air, water - are represented in this quadrilateral figure. Each of the 4 corners has a small tail, though one is hidden behind the kite. The quilt-like background is the Eye of God. What appears to be a single cross imposing itself is actually 4 kachinas which meet in the center. In Native American tribes, kachinas are Messengers of the Great Spirit. The kite is seen to be floating above a cloud-coverd orb.


When a woman is in her cycle - her moon - she is powerful and connected to the earth, which is represented in this painting by the central figure holding the moon. The kachina spirits surrounding her represent artistic pallette and creativity. The background depicts a hide, such as used on a drum.


(Left Image)

Two Clowns: Koshare & Mudhead

The black and white figure on the left is the traditional clown in Native American culture. His antics are both entertaining and instructional. Mudhead, another clown figure, is said to be made of mud from a sacred spring.

After seeing Two Clowns, a collector commissioned a similar work:

Clown Playing the 'Cello

To see that painting, click here.

(Right Image)


This ancient Anasazi symbol is found in caves in the Southwest. He is a humpbacked flute player whose main task is to provide abundance, fertility and rain.

Kachina Gathering the Spirits

The Kachina is the Messenger of the Great Spirit (akin to our angel) and calls forth the sacred energies of the spirits for prosperity.

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