The 2019 Edition
of the
at the
Museum of Science and Industry
Chicago, Illinois


This year, we added only a few brand new ornaments, but we did
try to vary the location of the star boxes, and just had fun
putting up the other decorations wherever they seemed to fit.
As seen in the final photo at the bottom of this webpage, it
was a somewhat different group than in previous years.
Everyone was excited to participate, and we all
enjoyed the experience... as we hope all visitors do!


Above, Robert is starting the process at the very top.
The photo below shows his view from the same
location much later in the day.



Isela seems somewhat skeptical that all of these items will fit on the tree.
The photo below gives a better view of the reason for her consternation . . .


Of course, there has to be an organization to it all,
even toward the end of the process . . .


Eventually, though, it all comes together, as seen in the next photo . . .


The patriotic text, which was new last year, has been placed
on the hand-made tree-skirt this year, and was the
last thing to be done before completion

The new ornaments this year included ceramic
Liberty Bells, Balloons, and Polar Bears,
cut from forms and painted by Kathy




The work continues, with everyone making significant contributions


Much later, the tables are nearly empty
and the tree is very full



This photo above was taken to illustrate another part
of the Museum's wonderful permanent collection,
Planes, Trains and Automobiles
(the other trains are located elsewhere),
plus the Piccard Stratosphere Gondola!

back of tree

Appropriately, we are looking at the back of the tree!
(The as-yet un-trimmed GRAND TREE can be seen behind
our USA TREE, and above at the top of this picture.)
It is also interesting to see the back of the Eagle,
which majestically lands on the tree.

2019 tree

Robert and Bruce are seen cooking up a scheme to smuggle the
finished tree out of the Museum in a sub-compact car . . . . .


This year's group: (standing l-r) Robert Zamora, Norma Bernsee,
Kathy Cunningham, Bruce Duffie, Kevin McLenithan, Bill Deans, Lyn Deans;
and (kneeling l-r) Jaymee Palacios, Isela Frontany, and Kylie McLenithan.

Also remember, close-up photos of all the star boxes,
as well as the other ornaments, can be seen on
previous webpages...

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