The USA Tree for 2018
at the
Museum of Science and Industry
in Chicago


This webpage shows the 2018 USA Tree,
plus images of the new ornaments.

The USA Tree for 2018 is very much the
same as the 2017 tree.  To see photos
of that tree, plus candid shots while
it was being set up, click HERE.

Besides four new star boxes and some lovely ornaments,
the first lines of America the Beautiful have been
embroidered, and swirl around the tree.



Even though it is part of the permanent display at the Museum,
it has always been my impression that the stack of five
flying saucers seen to the right of our tree (above the sign
that says "Toy Maker 3000") is really a Christmas
Tree contributed by the planet Mars!


no lights

This image of the work-in-progress shows the
importance of having lights within each star box!

star box

Below are three photos showing the construction of this star box.
Just like in our homes, we begin with an empty room,
then we add the tree, and finally the stockings.

star box

star box

star box

On top of this box are luminarios, a tradition in the Southwest

star box

star box

If you look very closely, you will notice that the picture
above the mantel is the group-photo from last year!


star box

Below is a close-up of Santa on top of this box


2018 group

This year's group of Friends of the USA Tree:
(Back Row, l-r) Robert Zamora, Kathy Cunningham, Xochitl Medina,
Monica Lozano, Maria Zamora; (Middle Row l-r) Emilio Martinez,
Sybelle Martinez, Bruce Duffie, Martha Dwyer; (Front Row kneeling l-r)
Sophie Cerda, Yesenia Cerda, Isela Frontany.
Once again, Santa has photobombed the picture!  This time he is
stuck in the chimney in the Star Box between Kathy and Bruce!

grand tree

Each year to open the exhibit, there is a Gala Ceremony
at which the Grand Tree is lit.  Being the centerpiece,
it dwarfs the other trees which surround it.  However,
we all feel it is an honor to be part of this annual
celebration, and take pride in our contribution.
Our USA Tree can be seen in this photo
to the left of the Grand Tree...
just look for the Eagle on the top!