Kathy Cunningham
Abstract L-8

Welded Steel  26" x 17" x 8.5"

Evanston Art Center's 2009 Spring Benefit Art Auction



Abstract L-8, a metal sculpture dating from 2006, is one of a short series derived from various personal fantasies.  The top section was revised in 2008. 

The piece is suspended from the ceiling away from the wall, thus creating shadows on the blank wallspace.  Not only will the aura of the piece change as viewers walk around it, those shadows will have a moving impact during the journey.

This work was donated to the Evanston Art Center for the 2009 Spring Benefit Art Auction.  To see other original metal creations and a photo of Kathy at work in the studio with the torch, click here.

L-8               view 2

eac show 0509

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