child's poem

My Life

My life is my dreams
I have to go after them
I can’t just let anybody take over
It’s the world that I live in
I just have to build
It’s not like a three leaf clover
It’s my imagination
I just have to think
It could be anything I want it to be
Like a house full of fruits
or a world full of peace
It’s easy, don’t you see?

My life is my rules
I’m in control
I have to be very careful
I’m responsible
There are things all around me
It’s like I’m a superhero
so like I said before
All of this stuff is true
and if you’re thinking of something
just say
It’s my life.

Original Poem by Karneil S.
Corkery School, Chicago

The Inspired Art Project enlists local artists to create and donate original works, inspired by original poetry written by the youth of America SCORES Chicago’s after school program.

Through this cycle of inspiration and influence

  • students will witness their creativity brought to life,
  • artists will build connections with diverse communities around the City, and
  • SCORES’ supporters will see the profound impact these youths’ words can have on others.

Artwork will be displayed alongside the original poem and auctioned at the Inspired Art Show in early October 2010. Proceeds from the Inspired Art Auction will directly benefit SCORES, providing free, creative writing and soccer after-school programming to students on the West Side.

America SCORES Chicago is a unique, comprehensive, youth development program which uses the tools of poetry, soccer, creative expression and service-learning to equip and inspire urban youth to lead healthy lifestyles, become engaged students, and grow into leaders for their school and communities.

Through foundation grants, corporate support, fund raisers like Inspired Art, and individual giving SCORES is able to provide free programming to nearly 500 youth each season.

Soccer, poetry, and community service?

America SCORES’ diverse program builds connections

  • between teamwork on the field and teamwork in the classroom
  • between developing a voice in your writing and making your voice heard in the community
  • between good sportsmanship and engaged citizenship
  • between healthy choices on Game Day and healthy choices for life
  • between identifying challenges and the responsibility to be part of solutions

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